Work at St John

Support those who need it, build your community and even save a life with one of Australia's most trusted organisations. From first aid trainer jobs to healthcare and support, discover your next step.

Work at St John

Support those who need it, build your community and even save a life with one of Australia's most trusted organisations. From first aid trainer jobs to healthcare and support, discover your next step.

Life at St John.

We are purpose driven

With an over 900-year history, it’s no surprise that we know our purpose pretty well. We believe that every Australian should have access to responsive healthcare and wellbeing support when and where they need it. So that’s what we work to achieve, every day. Join a diverse and dynamic organization made up of professionals delivering services and support for our community in saving lives.

Why work for us

Make a difference

Whether you’re looking at first aid-trainer jobs or something behind the scenes, working at St John Ambulance NSW means being part of something bigger. We’re committed to making a difference in the health and wellbeing of Australians and building strong, resilient communities.

We invest in outcomes

We invest in our people, our assets and our technology to ensure that we are fit for purpose. And that means we’re committed to building the capabilities of our team so they can be their very best and do their very best.


A place to grow.

St John provides learning and development for volunteers and employees, creating pathways to grow through your career.

"I've always believed in the value of volunteering in my local community. I believe our communities thrive with the help of contributions from volunteers. The added benefit of volunteering with St John is that we're also helping people in need, making our community events safer and potentially saving lives. I also enjoy engaging with various people from all walks of life which provides me with much more diverse interactions than my professional career does."

Rob, St John Ambulance NSW Volunteer

Our teams

Sales & Service Team

St John Ambulance NSW is a self-funded charitable organisation, where all profits made from sales of products, training and health services are used to support our volunteer and community programs. The Sales and Service Team is made up of four groups including Business Development, Field Sales and Service, Customer Service, and Product Sourcing, Development and Distribution. These teams work together to service our existing customers, develop new customer relationships, and to ensure that St John NSW has a range of high-quality, innovative products and services to sell.

Event Health Services

The Event Health Services (EHS) Team assists in the overall operations and management of Health Services in St John Ambulance NSW. They cover everything from allocations, operations support, planning, logistics and fleet management, uniforms, and invoicing and asset management.

Customer Service

This team is vital in ensuring the best service is given to our existing customers, in the development of new customer relationships, and in ensuring that St John Ambulance NSW has a range of high-quality, innovative products and services to sell.

Training and Development

The training and development team is responsible for the implementation and delivery of learning and development initiatives and programs for St John Ambulance NSW. They ensure that member and customer learning needs are met, and manage all the state-based RTO requirements. The team is made up of commercial and volunteer trainer assessors, and operate from St John Training Centres across the state as well as providing onsite training for our clients.


The Finance Team is responsible for accounting and managing finances for St John NSW. The team looks after all of our internal and external reporting, including operating expenses, debt, payroll, managing revenue and investment, and accounting for all assets and capital project expenditure.

Property and Facilities

This team provides advice, assistance and support with all property related issues across St John NSW. The team looks after maintenance of our venues, finding storage solutions, enhancing our audio and visual experience for trainings and meetings, and providing emergency support when incidents such as storms damage our property.

People, Performance and Culture

The PPC Team looks after the overall staff and volunteer experience from the time they join St John NSW. The team looks after many activities, including recruitment, onboarding, people-based policies and procedures, learning and support services, and to ensuring we are a child-safe organisation.

Information Technology

The IT Team simply makes our technology work. They monitor and maintain the St John NSW network and systems to ensure operations are maintained at secure and quality levels. The IT Team partners with staff and volunteer teams to provide technology expertise with equipment, software and projects. The team looks after our desktop and mobile devices, applications, network and internet, email, and hardware and software acquisition and implementation.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications team help all volunteer and staff members of St John NSW with media advice and support, promotional materials and resources, and with how we get our messages across using our corporate language and brand, and our social media platforms.

Grants and Fundraising

The Grants and Funding Team is committed to supporting the ongoing success of grant funding for our St John NSW Divisions. The team helps to research, compose, report and acquit grant applications for St John Divisions and teams across NSW.

Norfolk Island Team 

St John Ambulance NSW provides a First Responder Service on Norfolk Island, with the purpose of providing pre-hospital care for a community of over 2,400 people. Highly respected in the community, the St John staff and volunteers work closely with marine engagement and Police search and rescue, and are involved in an interagency welfare group to support vulnerable members of the community.

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