St John Ambulance NSW volunteers meet with their division regularly to learn and train.

Choosing your division

You can choose any location to be your division. Each division meets at a different time of the week, so you can choose the division that best fits your schedule.

Click a division pin on the map to see details

Adults and Youth Division

Youth and Cadets Only Division

Over 18’s Only Division

Flexible volunteering options.

Flexible volunteering allows you to meet and learn skills through our Virtual Hub, then volunteer for events in your area when you’d like to.


Where will I volunteer?

We have many volunteer opportunities across the state, from first aid coverage at events to first aid training and administration. Your location will depend on your volunteering role.

Can I join with my parents or siblings?

Yes! We have Combined Divisions that consist of both adults and Cadet/Junior members. Every person will still be required to apply separately.