If this is an emergency, please call 000 immediately.

What is the DRSABCD Action Plan?

This information is NOT a substitute for first aid training. St John recommends that everyone is trained in first aid.

The St John DRSABCD Action Plan is a vital aid in assessing whether a patient has any life-threatening conditions and if any immediate first aid is necessary.

This guide is regularly updated and aligns with the current edition of Australian First Aid (4th edition, 7/2011)

What to do


  • Ensure the area is safe for yourself, others and the patient.



  • Check for a response: ask name, squeeze shoulders.

  • No response? Send for help.

  • Response? Make comfortable and monitor response.

Send for help

  • Call triple zero (000) for an ambulance or ask another person to make the call.


Open Airway

  • Open the mouth and check the airway for foreign material.
  • Foreign material? Place in the recovery position and clear the airway.
  • No foreign material? Leave in position.
  • Open the airway by tilting the head back with a chin lift.


  • Check for breathing: look, listen, feel for 10 seconds.
  • Not normal breathing? Ensure an ambulance has been called; start CPR.
  • Normal breathing? Place in the recovery position and monitor breathing.

Start CPR

  • 30 chest compressions : 2 breaths.
  • Continue CPR until help arrives or the patient starts breathing.

Attach Defibrillator (AED)

  • Follow the voice prompts.


DRSABCD poster

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