First aid products

St John Ambulance NSW's products are designed to keep you safe. Whether you're at home, or out and about, all products are high-quality, fit for purpose and easy to use.

When you choose to purchase our products, you are also giving back to the community. As a profit-for-purpose organisation, all of the profits we make are used to educate the community and provide medical and first aid services.

First aid products

With St John Ambulance NSW first aid kits, you can trust you’re getting the highest quality of products. From first aid kits to defibrillators with a portion of the sale going to equip our volunteers with life-saving skills, you’re also reinvesting in your community.


First Aid Kits

Assembled by the experts.

At home, work, or on-the-go, our first aid kits are assembled by experts, giving you the confidence to act quickly when needed.

For Businesses

Onsite restocking service.

St John Ambulance NSW offers quick and easy restocking services for your workplace. We want to make sure you always have the right first aid provisions ready for injuries, accidents and emergencies, and the confidence to act quickly.

Which AED is right for your organistion?

Performing CPR and using an AED can increase the chances of survival 2x to 4x. Our defibrillator buyer’s guide will help you learn which is best for you.