St John Burns Module (Flat Pack)


Acting in the first 5 minutes of a serious burn can dramatically reduce the chances of long-lasting and severe damage to the skin and body.

Improve the healing time of any burns injuries by optimising your existing first aid kit with a St John Workplace Burns Module.

The Workplace Burns Module is developed in line with the WHS Code of Practice.

1 x St John Bandage Conforming 7.5cm
2 x Burnaid Dressing 10cm x 10cm
1 x Polyethylene Sheet 10cm x 10cm
1 x Polyethylene Sheet 10cm x 20cm
8 x Burnaid Sachet 3.5g
1 x Polyethylene Sheet 61cm x 92cm
2 x St John Instruction Card Burn Treatment

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Delivery to NSW expected within 3-5 business days. Outside NSW from 5-10 business days.

St John NSW is a registered charity and certified social trader. See where your money goes.

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