St John Personal Protection Pack (Wallet with Belt loop)


As a first aider you should assume that you may be exposed to infection when providing first aid. It is important to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves, goggles or a face shield. This kit gives you the information and the equipment that you need to handle minor first aid situations and resuscitation emergencies and to protect yourself from infection.


  • Ideal for one person.
  • Small, compact soft case for easy first aid on the go with a handy belt loop.


  • Personal protection for minor First Aid emergencies.
1 x 2212 Strips Adhesive Plastic 10s
1 x 305402L St John Gloves Nitrile Large 2s
1 x 3538 Face Shield CPR With Valve
1 x 379001 DRSABCD Plastic Wallet Card
1 x 505400 Cleansing Wipes

Size: 14 x 10cm
Weight: 70g
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