St John Large Leisure Kit (Black, 36x25x14cm)


The St John Large Leisure Kit is especially helpful for treating injuries at home or outdoors, and its fold-out pouches make it easy to keep everything organised and accessible in an emergency.

From beach days to backyard BBQs to camping trips and playground excursions, this kit has got you covered with all the first aid essentials you need.


  • Comprehensive First Aid supplies in conveniently organised fold-out, mesh pockets
  • Highly visible, soft, durable and water resistant.
  • Additional swabs, bandages and personal protection equipment.


  • All-purpose usage is perfect for family and personal use.
  • Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ARTG-194076
2 x 1060 Bandage Crepe 10cm
1 x 1070 Bandage Crepe 5cm
2 x 1080 Bandage Crepe 7.5cm
1 x 1120 Tape Zinc Oxide 2.5cm x 5m
1 x 1128 Tape Hypoallergenic 2.5cm x 9m
2 x 1181 Bandage Triangular 110cm
1 x 1210 Cold Pack Instant
1 x 2000 Dressing Universal 43cm x 20cm
2 x 2050 Dressing Combine 10cm x 10cm
2 x 2060 Dressing Combine 10cm x 20cm
2 x 2140 Dressing Non-Adherent 7.5cm x 10cm
2 x 2152 Dressing Non-Adherent 5cm x 5cm
2 x 2170 Pad Eye
1 x 2190 Dressing Length Adhesive 6cm x 1m
3 x 2020 Swabs Gauze 7.5cm x 7.5cm 3s
1 x 2230 Strips Adhesive Plastic 50s
5 x 223501 Dressing Island Adhesive 8.3cm x 6cm
1 x 2257 Strips Adhesive Fabric 50s
1 x 2291 Swabs Alcohol 10s
1 x 3010 Scissors Sharp-Blunt Stainless Steel 12.5cm
1 x 3030 Shears Universal
5 x 305402L St John Gloves Nitrile Large 2s
1 x 3070 Forceps Sharp Stainless Steel 12.5cm
2 x 3080 Blanket Emergency Accident
1 x 309105 Probes Splinter 5s
1 x 3130 Pins Safety Assorted 12s
1 x 3140 Note pad & pencil
1 x 3225 Emergency First Aid A Quick
1 x 3538 Face Shield CPR Without Valve
2 x 4057 Bag Specimen Biohazard
1 x 505410 Swabs Antiseptic 10s
10 x 5111 Saline Eye and Wound Irrigation 15ml
10x Cleansing Wipes

Size: 36 x 25 x 14cm
Weight: 2.2kg
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Delivery to NSW expected within 3-5 business days. Outside NSW from 5-10 business days.

St John NSW is a registered charity and certified social trader. See where your money goes.

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