St John G5 Adult Electrode Pads w/CPR Feedback Device


To help both professional and lay rescuers deliver the best quality CPR, the St John Ambulance G5 Intellisense™ CPR (ICPR) technology monitors the performance of CPR compressions and provides real-time, guideline-driven feedback to help rescuers provide high-quality CPR.

If compressions deviate from the guidelines, the AED will provide voice and text corrective prompts to guide the rescuer in providing the best CPR possible.

These pads are suitable for both the Automatic and Semi-Automatic G5 defibrillators. 

Benefits of the Intellisense™ Electrode Pads with CPR:

  • Ensures compressions of adequate rate: between 100 - 120 compressions per minute. The ICPR system helps guides rescuers on the rate of CPR with text and voice prompts such as “Press Faster” and “Press Slower”.
  • Ensures compressions of adequate depth: at least 5cm in depth for an average adult. The ICPR system utilises a non-slip, motion-sensing disc, placed in the centre of the chest, to monitor the depth of compressions.
  • Allows full chest recoil during compressions: The ICPR monitors if the rescuer does not completely release the compression and will administer the prompt “Press Harder, and Fully Release”.
  • The pads can be placed in either position on the chest to reduce confusion and save time 

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