St John Marine Scale E Regulation Non Medicated


Packaged in easy access waterproof containers including detachable bracket for installation.
This kit conforms to Marine Board Survey Equipment Scale E Regulations. Medical items are required but not included in this kit.

Suitable for :

  • Restricted passenger vessels (within 30 nautical miles of the coast)
  • Fishing vessels within 200 nautical miles of the coast
  • Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ARTG-194063
2 x Bandage conforming 5cm x 1.5m
2 x Bandage conforming 10cm x 1.5m
2 x Bandage crepe heavy 7.5cm x 1.5m
1 x Bandage crepe heavy 7.5cm x 1.5m
1 x Tape waterproof 2.5cm x 9m
1 x Tape waterproof 5cm x 5m
1 x Bandage Triangular bandage 110cm x 110cm
1 x Cold pack instant
2 x Universal splint
9 x Swabs gauze 7.5 x 7.5cm 3 pieces
3 x Dressing combine pad 10 x 10cm
5 x Dressing combine pad 10 x 20cm
2 x Dressing wound No.13
3 x Dressing wound No.15
10x 2130 Dressing non-adherent 10 x 10cm
4 x Eye pad - large
1 x Dressing Fixomull 5cm x 10m
2 x Dressing Opsite tran island 9.5 c 8.5cm
3 x Strips closures 76 x 6.4mm 3 pieces
1 x Adhesive Fabric Strips (50 Pack)
1 x Shears universal 19.5cm
5 x Gloves nitrate large pair
1 x Forceps fine point s/s 12.5cm
5 x Scalpel blade C handle no 10
1 x Blanket thermal/emergency shock
2 x Splinter probes disposable (5 Pack)
1 x Safety pins (12 Pack)
1 x Towels disposable 6 pieces
1 x Emergency First Aid Manual
1 x Sharps container 150ml
1 x CPR face shield keyring
1 x CPR pocket mask
8 x Biohazard specimen single
2 x Swabs povidone (10 Pack)
20 x Saline steritube 15ml
1 x AMSA 1755 Medication advice sheet
Contents of Box 2

Case 1 430mm x 330mm x 160mm
Case 2 400mm x 190mm x 280 mm
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