St John CPR Chart A2 Size (Waterproof)


In the case of a first aid emergency immediate action needs to be taken. Properly managing the situation can reduce the risk of damage to the casualty as well as ensure the safety of the first aider. Whether you’re involved in work, leisure or sporting activities there is the risk of cardiac arrest, respiratory or physical damage and many other first aid emergencies.

The St John CPR Chart provides a visual cue for the DRSACBD Action Plan, a vital resuscitation plan that is at the heart of every St John training course. The chart is large, easily identifiable and clearly outlines the action plan in simplified language to guide you through life saving resuscitation.

Made from durable, weatherproof polypropylene and pre drilled holes for convenient attachment

  • Large and easy to read text guides you through the action plan.
  • Illustrations provide a visual example for each step.
  • Suitable as a pool or wall CPR chart.
  • This durable and waterproof chart is ideal for outdoor use.
  • Developed in line with Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines for Basic Life Support.

Available in quantities of 25 for wholesale customers

42cm x 59.5cm x 1.3 cm
Weight: 1.51 kg
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